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I’ve managed to damage the Straight Groove V-bit that was included with the rotary module. I’ve been looking for replacement bits, but have been unable to find anything that is similar. Can you point to a supplier where we could source replacements (at least until Snapmaker offers them)?


yeah i complained to someone already about the written instructions not stating that you must not install the tailstock if you are using the automated origin assist. it broke my bit I was very upset. I found these bits on amazon I received them today and they are nice 30 deg 60 and 90 right here 10 in a pack you must select the deg of the tip these are also .1mm

I also purchased these they are a 60 deg .1mm super sharp too dont ask how i know

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Really like the tooling board I wish I could find the 35-60 mm diameter.

to answer a few questions stl’s work with he rotary. Their is a very good tutorial on vcarves website that explains how to use vcarve to wrap and unwrap the stl into a flat usable file. Think of it like this the software must take the stl and make a flat gray scale out of the stl. The software must try to make it so the bit can get to the bits and pieces. I have noticed a lot of files end up having a ton of under cutting or spots that the bit will not cut. I think it is just part of the files I am looking into but it is what it is. luban was not doing a very good job with any stl I threw at it. but it was working. kudos to snapmaker it didn’t work when it was in beta.

Thanks for your response. I found those options, but they both fall short in both the overall length and the cutting length on the tool. I’m hoping for something a bit closer to the original (50mm length with a full inch of cutting length).

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I’ve gotten my Rotary Module Combo. Excited to use it!

I know it’s a steep learning curve, and to be frank, I’m WAY down at the bottom in the beginning of that learning curve. (With the rest of the SM2 capabilities as well.)

My question is specific to the SM2 RM. If I’m running with a design for either the CNC or the Laser, can the module be set to be constrained to a set arc around the center, not crossing the “forbidden” area? If so, how would I go about doing so?

For example: If the material I have has a cross section of a teardrop, and I only want to laser engrave the side of the material that is made up by the lower half of the teardrop, how do I set the SM2 RM to stop the module from trying to pass by the “top part” of the teardrop shape? (And colliding with that part of the material.)

If my example doesn’t make sense, please let me know.

One other question, I saw the video of making the backlit SM logo. It’s a great vid for some slightly more advanced skills than true beginner. Do you have any suggestions for some resources that are more toward the beginner level.

Thanks in advance for any information!

Marc Spencer

Read this review about the Rotary Module, written by Gerwin Sturm.

Users can find STL file for the Rotary Module via this link, and I guess you guys will love it.


The outward clamping dimensions are not correct. This was confirmed via Zero Zhao at Snapmaker support. The video will be updated, but the correct maximum outward clamping dimension is 82mm. I’m not sure how this was missed.

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Thank you for your reminder.

I was told by Zero and the correct information will be updated.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I cannot do the engraving with the rotary module correctly it doesn’t

cut all the way through… please see preview and actual pictures can you help me please?.. is there any software glitch?

please help me with what do i need to do

Did you try using Linkage rather than Rotary in the Toolpath dialog?

it looks like the “simulation” view is indeed still glitchy - do you have a picture of the actual path (preview type “toolpath” in Luban, with the “simulation” option turned off) that is calculated? This will be much closer the the actual carving result than the “simulation” you screenshoted.

If there is no visible cutting lines between the “arms”, I could imagine Luban considers them too small/fragile to exist as a singular feature, did (experimentally) increasing the material diameter/length change anything?

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I think @kw1 is right, I remember reading that its only the simulation in Luban that looks this way and the toolpath will indicate the correct cuts. I’ve just been playing around and seen the same sort of thing happening.

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Downloaded on thingiverse. Printed on my A350 with 95% flow. Without problems.




Sure, there are very many. But because of that you can say that it doesn’t work. This unsettles anyone who wants to use it and prevents personal experiences. For my part, I learned at an early age; the limits of what is feasible are usually in my head and rarely at the machine. I have a Renkforce 2000 V1. Every machine has its problems. Most can be achieved with patience and willingness to grapple with it. Physics cannot be suspended, at most it can be shaped and bent. I think it’s a shame that you often present your opinion as definitive. This should not be a criticism, but rather a stimulus to let your imagination run wild for solutions.


I have done both same result

Modern Statue.stl (936.4 KB)

here is the actual STL file can you please check on your end?