Ask Me About Rotary Module Here

I’m sure a member of staff (Edwin? when he was still with the firm) answered a question about this issue and replied that it was a limitation of the simulation only and the toolpath would be generated correctly. I used your file with a huge stepdown to simplify the tool path and got this result:

… just showing the head. The simulation was showing exactly what you posted.
Incedentaly, the version of SMLuban 3.15.1 does not refresh the simulation image correctly after chaging the toolpath, I find that clicking the ‘eyball’ on the toolpath off and on fixes that problem.


Yes it was a post by Edwin on 16th April in this thread.

Edwin was a whole lot more active on the forums than they are now that he left. I’m sure they’re just short handed but I do miss Edwin, much less communication between the users and Snapmaker since he left. It was already struggling…

I’ve seen reports of the rotary steps skipping or binding. Does anyone know if this is widespread? There’s been no communication from Snapmaker since they were reported. Unknown if it’s hardware or firmware/software related.


@Tracy do you know what’s going on with rotary modules? With all the reports of missed rotary steps or just flat out seizure of the rotary, is it prone to a manufacturing defect/s of the gear mechanism? What is the warranty period of the module? Probably already stated but I could’ve missed it. I haven’t been able to try mine yet, is it supposed to be able to turn freely by hand?

Sounds to me there is a multitude of issues, with some more hardware- and some more software related. I would expect the software ones to gradually disappear in the next FW updates (we also have come a long way since the original versions here), while the hardware will prrobably get multiple revisions (see print head cooling and drive gear); though you will probably not be entitled to the new hardware revisions automatically.

A few Rotary Module users have reported that they are facing a step missing issue on the rotary module. And we have received the defective ones. We are working on an analysis to confirm whether it is caused by the hardware or the firmware. As to the warranty period, it is one year long for the NEU and two years for the EU users. If the issue is caused by the hardware, we will arrange a replacement. Also, it should not be able to turn freely with your hand.


Is there a waitlist or notification sign-up for when the rotary module will be back in stock?
Is there any current ETA for the re-stock?

The rotary module will be available for Europe tomorrow.
For other regions the rotary module is already available. Now you can buy it at the official mall.

I’ve seen in a few photos that there is a 4 jaw chuck for the rotary but I can’t find any information about it.

Is it just a prototype or are there plans for the public to be able to buy these in the future?

I don’t recall having ever seen anything but a 3 jaw. Can you share links? (or photos/screen grabs)
If you did they were probably just in prototype stage. SM has definitely been asked repeatedly (including many times in this thread alone) about the issues of using square stock with a 3 jaw. Their responses weren’t the most helpful. Definitely no indication of any plans for a 4 jaw.

First time I’ve seen (or at least noticed) one.


@sdj544 I’m suspecting they’re going to release accessory chucks that you can buy. I’ve also seen someone that actually found chucks that aren’t made by Snapmaker that actually do fit, which tells me that Snapmaker did stick to one of the standardized methods so that’s good at least. I don’t remember who it was and what chucks he used but I do remember that he was Japanese.