Snapmaker Artisan: A New Generation of 3-in-1 3D Printers

Hi Makers,

It’s been a long and arduous journey, and we are so excited to tell you that the moment has arrived—the moment to unveil a new generation of 3-in-1 3D printers in front of you! After Snapmaker 2.0, we spent almost two years 516 days crafting a brand-new machine product that aims to push the limit of what a 3-in-1 3D printer can do and named it Artisan. Artisan is not simply an upgrade based on Snapmaker 2.0 but sets a new standard for 3-in-1 3D printers.

In the following month, we will traverse you through an exhilarating product journey. You will read and watch about get to know some amazing features that we really want to yell out, R&D stories of Artisan, considerations behind the product design.

We have set up added a category for Artisan in the forum, you can ask questions, share your opinions, and join discussions and event etc. Just focus on everything related to Snapmaker Artisan.

Find out more information about #SnapmakerArtisan: Snapmaker Artisan

What’s your first impression of the Snapmaker Artisan? Drop your thoughts below in the comment zone!


Looks absolutely awesome! I’ll start saving immediately. :heart_eyes:


Thanks! Did you check the official webpage too? Which features impress you most?

Very nice, but not really interesting for me. I already invested a good amount of money on a Snapmaker system and later on Snapmaker upgrades (head, rails, power). I am more concerned about how these advances will be made compatible with the systems already in the wild. I can not buy a new Snapmaker every two years.


I’m with Jabian: while I adore the build quality of the Snapmaker units, seeing stuff on the Artisan like the quick release (easily back portable to 2.0) with no mention of what if any of these will make it back to Snapmaker 2.0 does really sour my thoughts on Snapmaker in general. It’s been billed as something upgradable from the first kickstarter and we’ve yet to see that bear out on any long term timeline.


Will everything be compatible with 2.0 / will you guys make 2.0 compatible modules with the same specs and features?


Hope really its compatible bith the 2.0 Version. …

And why do we get a better linear version in AT if there was a new generation planned a half year later!


I really dig the dual extrusion print head. It would be super if that comes to the 2.0 as well. And, I just have to comment on the looks - it’s fab! Almost sexy… :blush:

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Will the new dual-beam laser cut clear acrylic?

And just as usual, the continuation of slightly-deceptive product photos from Snapmaker proceeds apace. The machine as pictured is non-functional. There are no cables either for power or signal. An FDM module is shown, but no provision for filament holder or feed tubes. There’s nothing visible in the enclosure that appears to support fume or dust extraction.

On top of that, they’ve done nothing to correct the single worst feature of the 2.0: the completely inadequate support of the work platform at two points in the center rather than at four points at the corners.

Will not buy and will not recommend.


There’s a fan just visible in the lower right rear corner on the outside of the z-axis module. I agree that the machine would not be functional without some additional cables and feeds, though.

It would be great if more information was shared regarding backward compatibility of the modules, especially because Snapmaker has always touted their modularity/upgradeability.

Having spent a good amount of money expanding my A350, it would be nice to know whether or not it’s still supported by the newer modules.


hey, we will publish a FAQ later this week, which will show the compatibility with 2.0. I will make a post later, and we can make further communication there!


Yes, as someone who just put their Snapmaker 2.0 together this past weekend I would like to know if any of these new features will make it as upgrades to the 2.0. Since I already have the 10W laser I am most interested in the dual extruder which I thought was an upgrade coming to 2.0.


As the owner of an Original, I assume there won’t be any backward compatibility or features backported. There was a lot of talk when V2 was released about compatibility with the Original, and none of it materialized. There was also a lot of talk about how V2 would be mix-and-match; a machine you could start small and upgrade over time. I don’t really see that happening either.

Thank you very much.

Sadly I think you might be right, as backward compatibility would definitely be worth mentioning in the announcement, but time will tell… Awaiting the FAQ later this week.

I’m not too concerned about backward compatibility. No sense crippling a new product/module so that it could function with an existing, likely limited group that maybe would buy the new modules. I have a A250 with every option and spare part (in multiples), and have no issue just getting the new Artisan. I’ll either use the A250 for doing multiple simultaneous jobs, or pass it down to someone.


Please do. Because while that looks very very nice for new buyers, I am absolutely reading that as a “buh bye” to existing owners and the horses they rode in on. And I have not been a 1 and done customer. A250 Kickstarter, enclosure, new 250T rails, new print head, new 10W laser. I’ve been generally forgiving of the flaws (mostly just PSU noise, original rail noise was already mitigated by just adding the enclosure), try to be a positive supporter on the forum, and have given you reasonably good word of mouth (my general impression: somewhat expensive compared to buying either/or, but well done if you want the single machine, and linear rails are in my opinion a vast step up from any tracked or cable pulley based system system).

I understand product innovation and learning happens with time, but despite that you absolutely marketed these beasts as the Mighty Morphing Power Ranger in the future, and have not delivered (longer modules and/or alternative build plate shapes, delta style control, dual extruder or other toolheads after the 10W laser and minor functional upgrades to the existing)…instead you’re chasing the new shiny.

Even just a single line to the effect of “2.0 owners - don’t fret, we haven’t forgotten you, some of this will be coming to you as well - details to follow!” as a footnote IN the actual announcement, instead of waiting until people comment here, would go a long way to countering that impression. Truth will be told eventually, and I’ll retract this post as insufficiently faithful if warranted.