After Upg to 1.18 Laser No Longer On old files

After updating the Snapmaker program and drivers, all the files I made before that stopped working. At the start, readiness instantly becomes 100%. Then it returns to zero. The laser does not work (it shows 0% power on the touchscreen and cannot be changed), and the head continues to move along the route. All the files I made after the update work.
This is very bad for me. I have files that I reuse many times. Now I will need to process a lot of files. And I no longer remember the settings for each file.
Please correct this error!!! Or does anyone know a solution.
Thank you.

Downgrade your firmware below 1.18 and luban below 4.9.

Maybe this helps you too:

I will try. But I don’t have a door.

Rolling back one version helped. Thank you.

Old files would have to be regenerated, in order to be compatible with latest firmware releases and Inline function.

How to do it ?

Build it new in Luban.

Theoretically, they should run just as they did before. I just slapped together a project in Luban 4.7.0 to make an “old” file and it worked on 1.18 fine. Are you trying to run it via USB, Luban, or internal memory?

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