Laser didn't go off

system just asked me to update version of Luban and so I did. I went to make a photo box I’ve done before with a new set of text labels. the initial movement speed to where it started cutting was slower then I remembered but it started cutting the box like normal but when it it finished one of the 6 sides it left the laser on to go to the next side. So now I have all sorts of extra lines breaking up my box. Last time I used the laser was a little over a month ago. Has anyone noticed some odd issues with laster cutting after upgrading luban.
1.6 Laser and 350 snapmaker 2. I have lightburn but not sure about connecting to laser with it so I pull svgs into Luban first and add text in Luban.

yellow line not cut but others were

Scroll a bit up its luban bugs

Check out this thread for currant issues and solutions/workarounds available:

I had the same issue. I upgraded the Luban software and then updated the firmware and that solved the extra move lines problem. Luban 4.9.1 and Firmware 1.17.17 - also note that if you are several versions behind on the firmware, mine prompted me to update on the keypad, but not to the latest version! I upgraded the firmware to some x16x version and then after reboot I checked again and the 1.17.17 was showing. So if you use the keypad make sure to check again and see there are no additional downloads available. If you download and use the USB key that won’t be an issue.

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