Luban // Snapmaker not powering off Laser between "Objects"

Hello ,

Maybe someone has an idea why Luban “engraves” the laser work path.

Before loading into workspace everything looks good.

In the workspace you can then see the paths of the laser.
My problem is that the laser doesn’t switch off between each cut

Luban Version ist 4.9.1

Someone an idea?


Upgrade the firmware of your snapmaker to the latest version. Luban 4.9.0 changed the way the laser works, and requires at minimum firmware version 1.17.17.

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I wish people would use the forum search more… This topic/solution is one of those that I’ve seen several times, also the DX replacement kit discussion is repeating itself all the time…


thank you for the hint. before my post i searched with google and can´t find anything, next time i search here :wink:

Facebook group has posts about it every other day. Ever since the firmware release. Very few people use search unfortunately.
I hope dev team learned the lesson…