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Hi Noah

I will happily share experiences when I try something and it fails. If all users did this then there would be less mistakes/problems encountered by others. Conversely positive experiences and builds will show others what is possible and provide confidence to those who may have been too timid to try. Shared experiences, will make help us all.

My softly, softly approach is that of a user who will try things that may not have been tried. It will be a cautious and thought out approach to learning.

I hope I have answered your question.



Thank you for the response.

As for my suggestions, they have no priority and are non-urgent, I was just throwing them into the melting pot of ideas for consideration. It is however good to see examples of the SnapMaker versatility.

I will leave you in peace to deal with more pressing delivery matters.

Take care and have a great week



Hello @Rainie @noah @whimsycwd

Thinking outside the dots. My idea maybe impossible however, I thought I would throw it in.

Could the CNC Mill head be rotated 90 degrees so that it is horizontal not vertical; it would probably mean that you would need a rotating base plate … think of the shaping/carving you could achieve.



It’s not impossible, you’ve just mentioned the future products we are going to make – A rotating Modular~

Remember the platform page in our website? It’s just a glance of it. We want to build a platform to help people make, and of course this platform will include all kinds of basic modular which present the basic mechanical movement. Rotating is often used in Industrial area, we want to design a rotate modular to achieve this kind of movement.

However, we have so many things wanna do, but we have limited time and people, so we will do it step by step. Just keep focusing and we will make it.

Besides, if the need is more strong, we may consider to develop it first :smile:




For the Star Trek fans… when you get your Snapmaker, you can beam out of here https://all3dp.com/3d-print-star-trek-discovery-badges/?omhide=true&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=3db60a5a6a-Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9dffeeddae-3db60a5a6a-394802405


@rainie @noah @whimsycwd
Today I read a few articles which forum members may also be interested to read; such as a 3D scanners review https://all3dp.com/1/best-3d-scanner-diy-handheld-app-software/
STL editors https://all3dp.com/1/7-free-stl-editors-edit-repair-stl-files/?omhide=true&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=11c1ef47d4-Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9dffeeddae-11c1ef47d4-394802405
and How to Make DIY 3D Printed Parts for Just About Anything

I am looking forward to having fun with the Snapmaker.


It’s almost there, Doug

I must say sorry to you because of the delay of products. In 9.26, we all stay night to package all the first 200 printers, since we are lack of people, all of us go to the production line to package, even our sales and community workmates.

It’s a hard choice to unpackage all the products because some components failed to come through the test. We think it’s more important to keep good quality than giving you a quick but bad product.

Today is Saturday (we worked for six days a week ), we would have a meeting to summarize all the problems and confirm a new date for delivering, now we are getting more prepared.


Thank you for your support~
Thank you always


Noah, no apologies needed, I thoroughly understand. I support your approach and desire to ship quality product.

Keep having fun and get some sleep.



New talent found for CNC Carving - Making fine jade accessories. Take a look at the smooth curves!:heart_eyes:


@Rainie @Noah @whimsycwd
Another interesting project for SnapMakers “Use Leftover Filament Spools as Tool Drawers with this Nifty Hack” from All3DP https://all3dp.com/leftover-filament-spool-hack/


Hi ,
As a Model railway hobbyist and finding out that Snapmaker could produce very fine clean items I embarked on seeing how it would go at model rolling stock at 1/87 scale. The pictures show some of the vehicle rake of log transporters modeled on the RHB railway in Swizerland.
I built 4 x 2 axle wagons and 2 x 4 axle, (bogie) wagons. Wheels, bearings and couplings are propriety parts and the logs are hand picked and cut from mu garden.
This example of the Snapmaker;s ability now makes it practical to work at this level to the model railway hobbyist. which up till now was never really a starter as far as I was concerned.
The viaduct the models are posed on is also a 3D printing as yet still to be finished and paiinted etc.



How fantastic, well done!

Keep having fun!