A350 Front enclosure interference at start and end of run

Help me understand this please! During stage home and or print completion, there’s 40 to 70 mm of interference with the front folding door. Upon completion of a print the bed final action is to advance the print forward. I had to open the side door and lift the A350 off and back from the leg supports in order to stop the motors from burning out.

Sounds like your linear modules are installed wrong. Post pictures of how your linear modules are attached to the base plate.


Take a look at this post about the installation manual and let us know if you have it right or wrong

Snapmaker 2.0 bed levelling issue - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

Thank you for the feedback. It didn’t occur to me that the modules are non-symmetric. I saw this post, looked at the modules, and can see that they are offset toward the end which I see as having interference. I now know that it’s my bad! Thanks for the reply brent113!