A350 Bed Wobble (A350)

When printing in the center of the bed my prints are fine but near the edges of the bed there is so much wobble from the two lower linear acuators that it moves almost 1-1.5mm. Why didnt they go with an externally guided version to prevent this from happening?

Also whats the point of paying for a version with a huge bed that you can not use the outside 40%?

I have calibrated a bunch of times. When it changes direction you can visibly see the whole bed (including the linear carrages) move.

It’s not the best design and could easily be retrofitted. I haven’t found the play in mine bad enough to worry about it yet. But I did have to adjust the play in my linear modules after a lot of cnc:

Be warned that this may void your warranty, so you may want to consult support before doing it.

If you have that much play you may have faulty linear modules.

Wiggling the bracket itself that comes out of it, you should not really be able to see any play. Maybe a slight hair.

I had a bad linear module with excessive play and it caused mayn problems, i put it on the Y axis because i could not print round things with it and thought that the build plate would help stabilize things (which it did at the cost of 3x the noise), and by the time my replacement was in it was so bad it was grinding and easily had 2 mm of up and down play on the edges if not 3. one module was loose one was not.

Hi there, I too have a very wobbly bed.

The centre is fine but the front / back ends go up and down and are probably the cause of knock overs of the printed object.

There is no visible play in the linear modules and checking play only bends the bed carriage so there is supposedly no problem.

As stated the wobble only shows when the bed changes direction.

Must state that a hell of a lot of small 3d printing has been done in the center and the first tall print got knocked over.

Support does not seem to believe this is happening.

Pretty frustrating.

The tightening of the bearer only helped for an hour or two, I had to swap the linear modules to resolve the issue. Works for now, but a single pad is certainly not enough to keep the bed stable.

We should all make videos of our wobbly beds, and make a wobbly bed montage. Hard to argue with a montage…