3D print spool and rail questions

hey there!

Working on my second print with the A350. First print went fine (just a small one center bed). this one is a full bed print using the provided filament, standard setup, though using the adapted SM1.0 Simplify3D profile i have been using and developed for forever, adjusted slightly for new startup and ending scripts with beginning code from adapted from the GCode generated from the first print and Snapmaker software.

Currently 30 hours in and still going fine. Just some observations and questions for improvements going forward (and stuff i’ll look at once this print is done). I wanted to start a separate thread so that people searching for this in particular could come here rather than sifting through this topic: A350 Issues and Suggestions (though still some good stuff in there, like the parametric filament holder).

My first question is: I’ve noticed quite a bit of “clicking” from the module. has anyone else heard this printing yet?

  • Not sure if there is something loose in there or what, but that’s something i’ll check when it’s done. Still pulling filament through fine (as far as i can tell), and seems to go away a bit if I wind out the spool a bit so the module isn’t “pulling” the filament from the spool (as in relieve the tension). Everything is the default build atm…

The second question is (more for the SM team): how much weight could the dual Z hold?

  • Again from the thread I linked above, there are some links to some 3d printed rewind spool holders, which would be fine for the retracting filament at such a huge height. I haven’t had the spool pop off yet (as others have mentioned) but i could see that easily happening.

1 thing I could see is printing a duplicate spool holder, then threading a rod across the whole Z-axis (which someone may have mentioned in the other thread too), which would prevent it from falling off, but would need some unscrewing or removal. But what ideally i would want to do is to print something to hang directly off of back of the X-axis with a guide.

I have a few other ideas to not hang the filament on the X, which obviously puts pressure on the rails and motors, but still worth asking I think.


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I created a simple filament guide that stops the filament rolling off the reel. The rails on top are a temporary spot for placing a set of tweezers image

and a nicer rendered image from Fusion 360