3D Print Auto Level stopped working


The auto level function suddenly stopped working.

It had been working fine the entire time I’ve owned it (2 years). Normally, I use a glass bed, so when I perform an auto-level I put the magnetic bed on top of the glass and then prior to the last step, remove the mag bed and step it into the proper height. I performed that function and started to print. When the nozzle moved to the “starting point” (left front of the bed), I noticed the nozzle was too low and would have crashed in the glass bed. So I decided to auto-level again. But this time, the print head stayed at the top position (330mm, 13") during the cal sequence and the print head never did that minor up/down sensing. It just went thru the 9 points and stopped, waiting for me to do the final adjustment.

Is there a sensor in the head that could have been damaged when the nozzle went too low?

Latest firmware is installed, but on power-up, the machine is telling me I have obsolete firmware.


There is a proximity sensor on your printhead.
Does it light up the whole time? - If this is the case you have to order a new one, maybe email support to get one.

Thank you! I will try a new sensor.