First Time Auto Bed Level Fails

Snapmaker A350. I’m unable to complete the first time auto levelling process because at position 5 the head descends so far down it pushes the bed down and leaves a 1mm (at least) dent in the print bed. I’m using the latest firmware V1.9.0.

Any ideas?

Have a read of this, the level sensor is sometimes too high and needs adjusting.

And 1.9.0 is not the latest firmware. :innocent:

My mistake. The firmware installed is V1.10.0 .

No problem ^^
Is your sensor above the bed, when it pushed down, or was only the nozzle above the bed?

Thanks for that advice, but unfortunately it didn’t resolve it.

Both nozzle and sensor are above the bed at that time.

Resolved. I had made a stunningly stupid assembly error. I’m too embarrassed to say what it was.

OK, I will say what it was. I had fixed the Y axis beams to the bottom plate such that they overhung the front of the plate by about 5 cms. Stupid enough to do it, even more stupid not to notice!

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Don’t feel bad. I remember practically using a magnifying glass on the assembly manual and counting holes in the linear modules and mount plate parts, before inserting every dang bolt, I was that paranoid of making a similar mistake. Esp the 2 plates for the gantry (‘innermost’ corner holes between the Z rails, but ‘next to last’ holes on the ‘outboard’ side of the rails).

Although my X gantry seems centered between the 2 Z rails, it sure doesn’t seem like the 4x4 calibration really stops where the touchscreen cartoon shows it stopping (yes, even visualizing the actual nozzle position or sensor position, seems like it’s off in Y vs. the graphics…).