Bed Leveling problem - Help!

So i printed something and it screwed up so i did the auto leveling, that did not work so i tried it with manually leveling, one time with 3 x 3, another time with 4 x 4 and another time with 5x5.
It still not worked so what can i do?
Had anyone else had this problem?

More info:
At one corner the nozzle was too high in the air and at another spot the nozzle was too deep,
So if the nozzle has a different height at every corner.
( it would had dug into the bed if i didn’t stop it)

Try changing your settings. Or what you’re doing.

Need more info than ‘did not work’.


More information added hope this is somehow understandable.

Is your sensor working? LED lighting up when close to bed or metal?

Can you share some pictures of your machine? (various angles) (might have to use a hosting site since you’re new.)


There is an LED?!

Please proceed as follows.

  1. bed auto leveling. Matrix with 9 level points.
  2. at the last point of the auto leveling, place an A4 sheet of paper under the nozzle and move it towards the bed until the paper can be pulled out, but a wave is created in the paper when it is pushed against the nozzle.
  3. now you save this value.
    5 Now you can print what the stuff holds because now everything should work!

You have to do exactly as it says on the touch display, you most likely just printed save at the last leveling point instead of reading, but this is the most important step.
The printhead scans the first 9 points to see how level the bed is.
The last point is where you tell the printer how deep your nozzle really needs to be !!!
If you forget this point and do not do it as described, it will not work!