Z maximum height/homing issue

OK - I logged a case with Snapmaker Support, but after they asked 1 question - crickets.

My Snapmaker Original has a Z axis problem. the vertical “home” is about 12mm above the bed. I can jog it to the full height, but because the soft limit is at 12mm, that’s where my prints stop.

It was stopping at about 34mm. then abut 24mm.

I’ve flashed firmware to the latest, but I’m at a loss. any help would be appreciated.

Just an idea: try telling it that you have the Z axis extension, and see if goes higher. If it does, “uninstall” the extension. https://support.snapmaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041448853-How-to-set-up-the-Z-axis-Extension-Module-

You do have to use the USB cable to issue the M gcode statements. Otherwise it should be pretty quick to test.

But since it’s been getting lower, I suspect that won’t help. You could try popping the top off the Zaxis and see if anything is visibly loose. Wires dangling down into the screw area would be a sign. If so, hopefully it’s fairly obvious where they’re supposed to go. Worst case, compare to one of the working linear modules. Disassembly at this level shouldn’t void your warranty – I know snapmaker has an issues with the v2 where they ask the user to open up the linear module and install some insulation.

I recently upgraded to the z axis extension and now the z homing pushes the build plate down before it triggers the switch and when calibrating the offset on point 2 the nozzle is completely off the build plate as is point 3. I have firmware 2.11 and have done the M1025 M1 using the latest version of luban and set the z height to 221mm to no avail any help would be appreciated.

Hey, you have to check your X-Axis position on the new linear module, i am sure you are one or two holes next to the normal mounting position.

Hope this helps!

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thank you, total brain fart and I was indeed in the wrong holes hahahaha, thanks for keeping me inline!!