Calibration new build SnapMaker 1.0 does not succeed

Hi Everyone,

the Z-axis of my new build machine did not reach the Heatbed. I tried to calibrate it with the function on the machine, but it keep aprox. 5-8 cm above the bed. Reconnect the connectors on the mainboard and recalibrate did not had the right effect.

Is someone familiar with this ?

We’ve seen some mounting issues that cause 8 mm of offset, usually causing the head to be too far left of the bed. The holes on the mounting plates are 8 mm apart, so it’s a suspicious number.

I can’t think of anything that would cause 5-8 cm of offset. That’s over half of the 12.5 cm build volume!

If you actually meant millimeters instead of centimeters, is it possible that you mounted the print head too high on the X axis mount plate? The head should be flush top and bottom with the mounting plate.

Hi Clewis , thanks for your quick response.

I found the problem. After rebuild the Snapmaker and change the engines ( Z becom x and x become z) everything works fine. After i put it all into the SnapMaker Encloser and reconnect the door connector the problem occur again. So now i disconnect the Snapmaker from the Encloser door switch and it seems to work now. Ready for my first print :-).