Y Axis not aligned

Hello dear Snapmaker-Community,

somehow my Y-Axis are not aligned anymore. See Photo:

Is there any way I can move one of the axis?
I am not sure if disassemble and reassemble will solve this problem.

I also did not find a similar problem here so may someone has a hint?

As far as I know nothing special happened. No bumps, no Errors…

best regards

Just turn the power off and physically push until both linear modules hit the endstops. Remove the X-axis first if you think it’s necessary or useful to do so. It isn’t unusual for the modules to become misaligned on the larger machines that have two per axis. You might want to run a test afterwards to make sure both modules are still working correctly (just jog it a bit with the X-axis detached and make sure both modules are moving).

did what you suggested. worked perfectly fine. calibrated afterwards. all good now. Thank you!

(I actually tried that, but I forget to turn the power off!)