Problem with Y-Axis


I got my Snapmaker yesterday and instantly assembled it.

At first, I wanted to test the 3d printing, so installed the components as the bed and the printing head. As it was the first setup, I needed to go through the autoleveling process. So the bed moved to the corresponding point, as well as the printhead. This worked for point 1,2 and 3. Now the problem: The bed didnt move back to the front, for point 4 and 5. It measured the same point as 3. For point 6 it measured point 2 same for point 7 measuring point 1. After point 7 the bed moved back even further to measure point 8 and hit the end of the linear module. I tried the autoleveling 2-3 times, always with the same result.

Then I tried the laser, to see, if the same problem consists. The lines for the focus length weren’t lasered in one line, as the plate on the Y-axis only moved to the back.

My last try was, using the CNC module to get in the menu. I updated the software, but it was already up to date. Also tried moving it with the manual controlling, but still, only 5 axes moved.

To see, if it was a faulty cable, I exchanged the cables between the two converters. Still the same problem at the same axis.

Lastly, I exchanged the two converters and tried moving it then. But it was still a problem with the y-axis. While exchanging, is checked the cables and sockets for dirt, but as far as I saw, there was none.

Do you have any suggestions, what to do next?

Check here? Y-Axis will only move in one direction sounds like you have the same issue.
from that Thread, one of the Y endstops might be always triggerd. The guy ended up contacting support which sent a replacement, i dont know if there are guides around but potentialy you could atempt to get the switch unstuck. Would need to ask support though as it would void your warranty for sure.


Thank you very much. Somehow, is didnt find that topic. I will have a look and contact the support.

Edit: And i found the FAQ entry.
Edit2: Ok fixed it by following the FAQ-Guide

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I had to remove the metal strip get a can of dry lube and spray while moving it by hand (completely disconnected from everything) to clean mine out then just the tiniest bit of grease before I slide the cover back on