Y axis mapping error

Hello everyone,
I have a strange problem that my SM A350T, when I was working on Luban, by accident I click on “Set Work Origin”, after that, I cannot restore the y axis coordinate.

As seen from above, in Luban the y coordinate is -10, but from this picture:

The printhead is somewhere like 120.
My 3D print jobs go to the back of the heating bed.
I have tried restore factory default, calibrate a couple of times, when doing the calibration, the base could move to all corners as expected. However after calibration, the situation restore.
Is there any command that I can override the “memory” that maps the y=140 to y=0?
I guess something wrong with the set origin issue, but I cannot move beyond the wrong boundary.
Thanks in advance.

I am wondering that the control in luban is active? Which Luban version do you use?

Did you try the restore to factory defaults by typing M502 in the terminal and saving by M500?

What happens if you set the home position to your work origin?

You could try to switch to another toolhead and switch back.

If it didnt help, i would suggest to reinstall the latest firmware by a usb thumb drive. Maybe the easiest way…

active, I took the picture in real time with the machine
I just download Luban a few days ago, it is now 4.4.0

Yes, what I got was needing to calibrate again but not the y axis issue fixed.

Seems normal, this is the picture I just took with “home” and active Luban screen

maybe my next step, I am using it in a small room right now, it is hard to find out the parts in the package box.

agree, hope that it is my last resort.

@parachvte, shouldn’t this be deactivated in 3d print mode? :thinking: