Laser job work origin issues when running from Luban

Started with origin set to surface of the workpiece, loaded job to run from Luban, head went to the position that printing does it’s purging from (just off the left front side of the plate) then kept trying to push the print bed. Hit emergency stop, restarted Luban and the printer. Reset the origin, recalculated and loaded the cutting job. It set the Z axis to below the print bed and pushed the wood piece around while pushing down on the bed hard enough to scratch it. Reset everything again, did a calibration/focus before sending the job, connected Luban and sent the job and it worked fine. Left the printer on but shut down the PC for the night (Windows 11 PC).
Today wanted to do the same job again on the same piece so without changing the position of the wood loaded and sent the job to the cutter. It tried to start on the left front side and was pushing so hard it scored the bed in that corner as if it thought the piece was at the far end of the Z axis. Restarted everything, did a capture of the bed, made sure the print was aligned and sent the job. The laser cutter head was off the side of the workpiece so hit the emergency button again. Set the origin again manually, ensured the origin would go where it was supposed to from the printer pad, then told it to go to the origin from Luban. It went to the center of the right side of the plate and pushed the plate down hard there. Had to do an emergency stop to get it to stop pushing and go home. I did do a capture every time, haven’t tried not doing the capture but it appears as if Luban is not correctly setting the work origin.
Finished a job finally, tried to start another one but ran into the same problem. I noted that if I manually set the job origin to the focal length it worked fine. So it appears to be something between the origin and focal length not being calculated correctly when sent from Luban, or something not saving correctly between jobs.

I have exactly the same problem with the laser. My laser and platform are broken. This is definitely a software problem. I found a minimum of a few bugs in the software and very serious ones.

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Based on the final from yesterday I’m beginning to think that Luban is not correctly setting the focal point, and is getting confused with the focal offset between relative to the work surface and absolute zero on the Z axis.

I’m experiencing similar issues too. I always keep a finger on the E-Stop button because I have ZERO confidence with this software. Are you using the Camera Capture feature to position your work? I have a feeling that capture may be responsible for clobbering the work origins.

I’ve tried it both ways and have the same issue with doing it both ways. I haven’t figured out exactly what I do to get it to work, though I think setting the origin higher than it needs to be helps. It’s like sometimes the origin gets clobbered, sometimes it doesn’t.

Look what happens with my new printer:

[Snapmaker broken linear module by laser and bug in luban - YouTube](https://Laser 1)

[Snapmaker damaged laser by hit in platform bug in luban - YouTube](https://Laser 2)

My 10W laser just did this also. It has done so twice now. I was setting thickness manually, so I just realized in hindsight that both times it happened I didn’t get an option to set thickness automatically and the camera indicator is orange. It still has the ability to capture background though.

I have printed several jobs that did work fine between these incidents.

I have the 10w as well and same issue. The camera capture/placement feature is useless. I have to manually move origin point to get the laser to print where I want it. This really needs to be fixed. My bed is severely scored and fortunately the laser wasn’t damaged.

I had something similar as my luban settings said it is an A350, but i used an A250/A150. So check the correct configuration. Also use “Center” as reference point and try to run “boundary” first. Is this working correctly?
Do you set up your machine properly? Correct linear modules for z Axis? They differ from X/Y. Also connected to the correct controller input?

Never had this problem with my a350…

@Wyphorn No, my settings are for an A350. I use Center, but having to run boundary first is not supposed to be necessary with the camera capture. It’s supposed to put the project where its indicated on the item’s surface. My 10W camera capture is doing it also and I’ve seen it mentioned several times in the forums that it often doesn’t line up where it’s supposed to and the problem gets worse the farther away from center you are.

Last night I ran a test inside a circle I put on the surface and it put the image about -10mm on both the X and Y axes from where the camera capture said it would. The images were fine, just not where they were supposed to be. I have no idea why or how it’s doing this, but I really wish it was fixed.

@groove790 For what it’s worth my problems with the 10W laser hitting the bed seem to be related to orange camera indicator and missing enclosure indicator on the connection window. If I use the M1999 command (reboot controller) it resets and I get both green camera and enclosure indicators, and the print does fine (placement notwithstanding).

For reference, here is a burn that I did and then took an immediate camera capture with the result. You can see under the images that the actual placement is off by an unacceptable amount.

Hey guys, sorry about the problem. Our R&D team is working to solve it. I’ll post here as soon as there’s an update :wink:.

Have they found the problem or do they need more data?

Does the E-Stop automatically reverse the tool head when you push it? I just had my 10W laser head crash into my build plate today. All I could do was quickly power down and then wait for it to power up again (meanwhile my build plate was being pushed down). I hope my build plate is OK! :worried:

E-Stop basically stops all machine operations immediately. It does not reverse the tool head. You must power down the machine, resolve any issues that caused the emergency, reset the E-Stop by turning the button, then power on the machine. I think it’s a good idea to have one, it responds quicker than just turning off the power supply.

Hey any update on this? I’m having the exact same thing happen. I follow all of the steps in the manual for getting a job started and when I go to tell it to start, it goes to the front left corner of the bed and mashes into the bed so hard that it actually bends the plate and damages the bed. I have used the 3D printing function for over a month at this point with no issues in coordinate navigation. The only problem I seem to have is with the laser when it comes to crashes.

This is very concerning as I overall have been very underwhelmed with the performance of the snapmaker machine. I was willing to accept subpar results for a 3D printer on a machine that has multi-function capability but if it’s going to do the other things that it does poorly as well I will likely be seeking to return this machine. I really like the build quality and overall design of the machine but it just seems like the performance isn’t there. Especially when following exactly, and I mean exactly, all of the steps posted in the documentation for doing a laser job and having it do physical damage to the machine.

If it had been negligence or misuse on my part I could totally understand. Unfortunately, I am doing exactly what the documentation says to do and the results are not consistent. I had one laser job that worked properly and then since then I have only had bed crashes.

At this point I am too concerned about doing damage to my bed to continue testing the laser module. That “feels” very bad when looking at the price point of this machine. I also have an Ender 3 s1 pro which has been extremely bulletproof in 3D printing and also is compatible with a laser module. At this point I am considering sending the snapmaker back to purchase the laser module and an additional ender. I could do this and still be out less money than what I spent on the snapmaker.

I really like this machine, and I really like it’s build quality and the idea behind it. Unfortunately I don’t like it enough to keep a machine that doesn’t perform. So far it has been a subpar 3D printer without lots of tweaks and modifications that were not necessary on a cheaper machine. Now I am finding that it also has issues with the laser functions because of coordinate problems that seem to be a consistent issue for lots of users.

To add to this. Hopefully in some kind of helpful way at least. Even when I have to try and manually set the work origin which is not part of the quick start documentation published by snapmaker, when I tell the machine to run the boundary of what it thinks it’s supposed to be cutting it is not even close. Clearly the camera and auto capture process is not functioning properly. The only thing that seems to “fix” the machine not knowing where it is supposed to be in space is to repeatedly try to capture and recapture the background image to be used for the job. The problem I have with this is that it also seems to randomly cause issues with the work origin. So if I can get the work origin, a lot of times what I’m seeing is that it doesn’t know where the material actually is and therefore either can’t measure the thickness of the material or attempts to cut a portion of the print bed instead of the material it’s supposed to be cutting.

Hi Az2dante, our R&D team is working on this problem, but it will take longer than we expected, because most of our R&D colleagues have been infected with COVID, which slowed down the progress. We are very sorry for your bad experience and will try to solve it in future releases asap.

Thanks, @auggieben. I ordered mine and just received it over the weekend.

Exact issue here. Have tried resetting, recalibrating, setting work origin. Nothing works. It slams into the work surface on every laser print now.

@Riskey Should we be contacting support about this?

I was also using Camera Capture to position my work.

Has anyone found a fix for this?