Y axis problems, amongst others

New to 3D printing, SM2 my first experience. Put machine together last week, and have had nothing but problems. I followed instructions to the letter…apparently the Y axis is not even registering. In auto calibration, only the X and Z axes move. Going into control (also in Luban), home position moves X and Z to 356 and 356, Y remains at zero. Interestingly, after Z hits 356, the module remains still yet position indication jumps to 347.

I triple checked all the connections, everything is correct. Then swapped the Y and Z axis connectors, thinking one may be problematic…again, Y axis unresponsive and doesn’t register.

I contacted support several days ago and haven’t received a reply, which is fine- I have limited time.

I also seem to have the problem w/ the hand controller indicating disconnection from the machine. I really just want it to work. Any ideas?

Hi, Please change the Y-axes conversion cable with the Z-axes one.
Then, please control the Y-axes via the Jog mode on touchscreen.