Workplace origin

Hi I’m having problems setting up my A350 for laser cutting. Every time I start a job it returns to the home X Y position in the back left corner to do the job. I’ve updated to latest version of Luban and Firmware. I’ve tried resetting the work origin and the XY origin but as soon as I start the job the machine sets off back to what appears to be the XY home position and starts cutting from there. If I set the work origin by jogging to my start point on the board i’m cutting and press set work place origin it stay at that point if I move the head and and then press go to work place origin it goes to where I set it. All seems fine then I start the program and off she goes to the back left corner.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong. John

@JRChad where is it located at in the preview in Luban? Do you have it set for A350?

Are you talking about controlling it from the SM hand unit?
Or from your computer?


Hi apologies for the delay in writing my computer died on Saturday.

The process ive been using starts with a Turbocad drawing saved as a DFX file. I upload this to Luban and produce a G Code file which I transfer to the Snapmaker using the memory stick.

Regards John.

Hi Aaron. Apologies for the delay in replying my computer ran out of memory and died.

I’m not sure what you are asking. When I was using Snapmakerjs there was an option to set the machine size. In

@JRChad i was just clarifying that the correct machine was selected in the settings. When it updates it always seems to default to Snapmaker original.