X-Axis with no movement

X axis does move up and down. But the numbers on the touchscreen do show movement… just put it together and it has not worked. Here are the steps I have taken 1. I have switched around all of the linear modules they all work. 2. I have updated the firmware. 3. The enclosure doors were closed. Please help with ideas?

You’ll need to email support at support@snapmaker.com.

I got that when you swapped the cables elsewhere the module would move, but I didn’t quite understand if when you swapped cables around the port on the controller was working or not.

If the controller port is dead support is your only remedy.

Please describe what you did, now it sounds a bit like trainstation to me.

Here my guessing:
Your could move your linearmodule by hand but can’t drive it with the touchscreen.
If you swap the module to a other port it didn’t work either.
Did you plug the defective to a other axis port, without the compare box of the y and z axis?

So for the confusion guys… so here is what I did and what has occurred. Put it together all but the z axis homed. I have switched all of the linear modules around and they worked in their new location except for the z it will not bring down or up the x- axis. The part where you attach the toolhead does home out and the bed no matter what module I put there. I have updated the firmware. I can see that the numbers change for z when I try to jog on the touch screen. I have also contacted support, but this might be something someone else has come across, because you know how long it takes for them to answer.

That is what I am thinking Brent… it may be the plug F on the controller.

May you switch your compare box from y and z module and try again?

Well thank you Sir… I have a bad converter… the Z moved but the Y ( bed) did not… you are awesome

I am having a similar problem with my A350 and am waiting for support. Before using the machine i tried each axis via the controller to confirm that all linear modules worked.
when the home button was pressed, the X and Y linear modules returned to home however the Z axis would not move up. I could drive the Z axis down with the controller but the numbers would always reset back to its limit 334mm each time it moves down. I have also tried changing the Y joiners for the Y and Z axis however it is the same result.
i have tied moving the linear modules to different ports on the controller however the Z axis port only allows movement in one direction.
I have connect the SM to the laptop and tired the M119 command to check the limit switches and have found that the Z max switch is always triggered no mater which linear module is connected. I suspect there is an issue with the controller port.

i am wonder if there is a way to reconfigure the ports on the controller to allow port 5 to be used as the Z axis until this problem is rectified