X-axis not moving at all

Hi everyone,

My snapmaker 2.0 has been working very well and reliably for the past few weeks. However, today I noticed than when running the homing sequence, the Z and Y axis move fine, but the X does not at all. Then, in the control panel, the displayed X coordinates are -19mm, and whenever I try to raise the value I can sense a small and really short vibration but no movement occurs. Removing the strip lets me see the linear rod, which does not move whatsoever. What should I do to troubleshoot this effectively? I am afraid of messing anything and breaking the axis.


Try turning the power off, then very gently pushing the toolhead to the center. -19mm is usually where X rests off the build plate at the limit switch. After you move the toolhead, try a homing sequence. If it moves over and doesn’t finish, your limit switch likely is either loose, needs adjusting, or is broken. If it doesn’t move, try reseating the cable and try again.

Edit: If it doesn’t move after reseating the cable, remove the toolhead, and remove the X axis linear module. Swap the connection from the X with one of the Y modules and see if it moves when homing Y (no need to reassemble, just lay it on the bed). The Y axis should home as X.

I have the same symptom that the X axis doesn’t move, but from the very beginning. I’ve assembled the machine over the weekend and wanted to test it now.
My X axis is not move at all. I did some tests in jog mode and moved the x axis cabel to z input of the controller. Now, I can move in jog mode the x axis (with the z up/down arrow on the panel). When I plugin the z axis to the x input of the controller, I can’t move the z axis.
I would say that the x input of the controller is broken.

What would you recommend?

Open a support ticket and hopefully you get a new controller fast.

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