Z and Y axes do not work

Hi, I just assembled my brand new A350, and immediately I am having problems with the Z and Y axis. It will not move up at all. I noticed this problem around when I ran the calibration; the first thing the printer did was run the hot nozzle into the print bed, puncturing a hole in it and slightly bending the build plate. My print bed is now a bit damaged and my linear module doesn’t work. My Y axis also won’t travel the full distance front to back when I manually jog it. The X axis seems to work okay though. What should I do? Are there any fixes I can do myself or should I wait 3-5 days for a response from support? I have already emailed them, but I was planning on making some Christmas presents before Christmas; looks like that plan is about to die :confused:

I assume the Z does nothing when you manually jog it? Are you certain you plugged the axis cables into the correct controller ports?

Also when you say the Y wont travel the full distance can you be more specific, what exactly happens?

So it turned out that the limit switches on the z-axis linear modules were stuck due to excess grease. I opened them up and cleaned it up to solve the problem!

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