Wrong printing temperature inside code file

His guys,
I’ve modified the printing temperature on the standard “Fast print” profile on Luban but it seems that the M104 command inside the code file does not always match what I have set on Luban!

Creating a new profile (copy from Fast Print setup) and changing the temperature seems works better.

Unfortunately doesn’t happens systematically

There is a command to set the temperature and a command to wait till reaching the temperature, same for the bed.

M104 S200 set hotend temp. to 200deg. C.
M109 S200 wait for hotend temp.
M140 S60 set bed temp.
M190 S60 wait for bed temp.

Are you modifying both the first layer print temp and print temp? If you only modify the print temp, the first M104 will be the first layer print temp, not the final print temp. Check if there are more M104/M109 commands later in the file.

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