Workflow Changed in Firmware V1.12.0

Some users have reported the workflow change in Snapmaker Firmware V1.12.0.
New Firmware for A350: Why changed dialogue?

For Firmware 1.12.0, this is a transition phase to the Rotary Module. The workflow of transferring the file via Wi-Fi will be improved in the next version of Snapmaker Firmware.

The touchscreen will not ask you to start the work but inform you the file has been transferred successfully after you send the file to the machine.

After you tap “OK” on the touchscreen, you will navigate to the HOME page. You need to select the files in the File section and start the work manually.

Our UI team is working on an improved workflow to offer a better user experience.

For users who do not have the Rotary Module, you can continue to use Firmware 1.11.4.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Thanks for clarifying this - it just came as a surprise to me when I started my first job after firmware update. I’d really appreciate if you’d state such changes somewhere at the release of the firmware, so users know what happens, and can perhaps even decide if they want to skip a firmware update… Or did you and I missed it?

I agree with this. Perhaps there could be - or did I miss it- something to explain more clearly these changes. I look forward to the further update.