Windows 10 or MacOS Catalina?

Hi guys,
have you try on both Windows and Mac the Liban SW? What do you thing it’s the best platform to use?

I’ve still not been able to connect to terminal in MacOS Catlina on a MBP 2018+ all USB-C ports. It should connect out of the box apparently and doesn’t require CH340 drivers as they are inbuilt now in MacOS. However, doesn’t work either way for me.

No problems in Windows 10.

That’s really strange! Have you wrote to the support team?

I think the best option would be using e real (not fake!) FTDI chip instead the very cheap CH340.

You can download the CH340 first and see whether it works

It doesn’t work, have tried with and without, also have found the more recent guides with newer drivers as well. Although they do say drivers are not needed for Catalina.

So turns out it does work, so for MacOS Catalina.

DO NO INSTALL DRIVERS, they are built into MacOS now. See the following for removing:

The funny problem for me it turns out is it doesn’t work if I plug in the USB-C adapter with the SM already plugged in. I need to plug in the USB-C adapter first and then plug in the USB into the USB-C adapter. Need to wait for the USB-C adapter light to come on first and then put the other in. :man_shrugging: Also didn’t work when using a USB Hub.

Possibly just an issue with the design of this adapter. However, worth checking if you have a similar issue.

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Can you please update after some tests? I’m curios to know if is there any difference using Luban on WIndos 10 or macOS

I only use Luban for terminal, shouldn’t be any difference, it’s a browser based app, so on both platforms it is really just running chromium.

Ok thanks Dojima!
Does anyone use else Luban on MacOS?

I do. I am using a fairly recent MacBook Pro running Catalina (all Thunderbolt/USB-C ports). Initially I could not get it to connect. I never did try any drivers, but then I found this thread. The strategy of plugging the adapter in to the USB-C style port first, then plugging in the standard USB cable to connect to the SM did the trick for me. Thanks for the tips guys!

I also use Windows 10 x64 and have been sending most of my jobs over WiFi that way - it all works great. The direct connection is needed for these kinds of changes. But it is a big desktop and I did not want to drag it over to the SM.

Using mac os. First on a 2009 macbook (but found it couldn’t handle Fusion rendering) and now on a new MacBook air. Both work fine. Never installed any drivers. I make sure SM is turned off any time i’m connecting to it. Plugging or unplugging usb drives too. Someone on FB group fried theirs plugging in USB with it on so I’m not taking any chances.


I’m trying to use Luban on the Mac and Windows and neither can find the A350 using wireless on the computers or the A350.

The snapmaker shows up on the router with the name android-a8f39450d7d9fa01 but the Mac and Windows computers cannot see it and cannot connect using the IP address.

I’m having the same issue. I bought a new iMac to handle Fusion 360. Luban doesn’t see my A350 printer in WiFi. Did you find a solution?

I had to type the IP address in manually - it never automatically popped up. You can get the IP out of the touchscreen settings.

You tried installing drivers?

I tried typing in there IP address manually. Nothing. My computer and the printer are on the WiFi but Luban doesn’t recognize the printer.

I started too but in another thread it specifically said not to install the drivers. I could try that next because I’m not making any headway.

I’m not sure you have to install drivers on Windows 10 but it won’t hurt to try. Can you ping the IP from a command line and have it respond?

EDIT: To be clear, I’m not discouraging driver installation. Just attempting to convey I never intentionally installed any drivers and have not had any issues ¯\(°_o)/¯. Maybe Luban automatically installed drivers or something.

I’ll give that a try. I going to do a test print from my memory stick. Thanks for the help.

Not sure why someone would say NOT to install drivers.
I could see if it’s working then why mess with it.
If it isn’t working what can it hurt.
Doesn’t seem to be any discernible reason why some need it and some don’t.

Also, some people have had success by reconnecting it to wifi. It seems to be a little finicky with some routers and channels.


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