USB Won't communicate with computer

Does anyone know how to get the computer to recognize the USB for snapmaker? Haven’t work since I got it.

Check the Additoanl file section Make sure you install the driver properly.


I had to rename my USB-SERIAL CH340 port to “COM1” to get mine to connect. All good after that. OR Fined COM1 and use it, I did not have that option. Please only attempt if you are experienced!! Win Pro 64 bit

Thanks. I give it a try and update if it works.

OK I will check it again

Trying to get this to work… downloaded the CH340 driver but still dont see anything in device manager. i want to do the extruder calibration i read about printing a 100 mm length etc and you HAVE to do it via usb i guess…

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The drivers are old and does not work on W10. Updated could be found here: