USB Won't communicate with computer

Does anyone know how to get the computer to recognize the USB for snapmaker? Haven’t work since I got it.

Check the Additoanl file section Make sure you install the driver properly.


I had to rename my USB-SERIAL CH340 port to “COM1” to get mine to connect. All good after that. OR Fined COM1 and use it, I did not have that option. Please only attempt if you are experienced!! Win Pro 64 bit

Thanks. I give it a try and update if it works.

OK I will check it again

Trying to get this to work… downloaded the CH340 driver but still dont see anything in device manager. i want to do the extruder calibration i read about printing a 100 mm length etc and you HAVE to do it via usb i guess…

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The drivers are old and does not work on W10. Updated could be found here:

As this is an old thread, and we are now in the time of Luban, I was wondering if there is any progress with connectivity computer <–> Snapmaker Original?
I’m having a MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.7 but cannot see the Snapmaker, though when I try to connect via USB cable, and select the USB port, the little screen on the Snapmaker lights up once, and then get the message the “machine isn’t ready”? though nothing is going on on the machine.
I don’t know how to check which firmware I have, and flashing the CH40 by using the micro-USB-card doesn’t work either.
Any help is appreciated!