USB Serial Connections with MacOS Big Sur

Has anyone been able to get the CH340 driver installed on MacOS Big Sur? I have tried several times to install the driver in the hopes that I can connect to my Snapmaker via the USB serial cable, but nothing works. I never see the Snapmaker listed as a device in Luban or the driver listed in System Inspector. The strange thing is that I was previously able to connect to the Snapmaker on an older version of MacOS.

@Dojima 's process worked for me on BigSur. I did not need to install any extra drivers.

I was able to get it to connect two ways. I plugged in the C-to-A adapter in, waited a few seconds. Turned the snapmaker on, waited till it booted. Then plugged the snapmaker into the USB-A adapter.
After that worked, I plugged the snapmaker into my USB-A hub, which also worked.

I’m going to continue playing with it, but this is the first time I’ve gotten Luban to talk to the snapmaker.