Wi-Fi connection is not working

Hi everyone,
After updating my SM 2.0 A-350 to version 1.10.0 and then 1.10.1 the wi-fi connectivity is not working anymore. The network is listed on the specific configuration view, the system is asking for the password but is not giving any feedback once I try to connect. Previous FW version was working without any issue.

same issue as above-mentioned I cant connect to the WiFi

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i’m still on 1.7 but I’ve got the same issue. However, it seems like my snapmaker 2 does get an IP address assigned but when I ping it I get “Destination host unreachable”. Obviously both my PC and snapmaker are connected to the same network.

Out of frustration I clicked the connect button in luban eventhough it clearly showed it couldn’t find my device. Suddenly I got the request on my snapmaker that it wanted to connect to my pc…

Have you tried randomly clicking the connect button in luban?