Snapmaker2_V1.12.1 Firmware WiFi Won't Connect

Snapmaker2_V1.12.1 Firmware. After update, no longer remembers WiFi password after shutdown. Also toggling WiFi on and off does not find or connect.

Sounds like a previously-reported bug—see WiFi Connection .

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I had this problem too and researched a lot.
Older firmware vers. didn´t work and even not older Luban versions.
I restarted the wifi router (Huawei H338A locked some sources out) and set the password, bingo :wink:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your feedback.

I have to say that Wi-Fi connection feature in different router is more complex than we thought. I have forwarded this post to our software developer @parachvte , and he will look into this.

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