Why is customer service not responsive

I have had the most awful experience so far after I ordered a SnapMaker on 5-7-2020 and still has not shipped.

  • 5-7-2020 Placed an order for the original SnapMaker plus accessories for $1144.72 USD
  • 5-14-2020 - A week passes with no communication or order updates. I email Support and ask for an update.
  • 5-15-2020 - I receive an email from Jannie Zhang saying sorry they have not shipped my printer because one of the accessories is out of stock. “Can I ship other items to you first?”
  • 5-15-2020 - I write back and ask for a refund as I am nervous at this point that they were not going to give me an order update. I felt if items were out of stock I should have been notified without having to write support a week after I ordered.
  • 5-15-2020 Jannie Zhang writes back and says they can “ship the machine and 1600mw Laser Cutting Module First”
  • 5-15-2020 I write back and said if they can ship the machine and extra laser that would be fine. I will wait for the enclosure (the item that is out of stock)
  • 5-18-2020 - I hear nothing for 3 days after Jannie says they can ship my printer so I write back and say it has now been 10 days since I ordered and have not heard a response.
  • 5-18-2020 - Jannie Zhang writes back and says “I just updated your order and sent you tracking notification email. We will ship your machine as soon as possible.”
  • 5-18-2020 I get a FedEx tracking number from “Phoebe” in marketing who says that my package will be sent out by tomorrow.
  • 5-19-2020 Check the tracking and my package has not been sent out as Phoebe had promised.
  • 5-20-2020 Check the tracking again and it is still not sent out.
  • 5-20-2020 I write an email asking for a refund.

This is honestly the most frustrating experience and not how I expected to be treated by any company. I have major doubts that it will ever be shipped. I’d love the items I ordered to actually be shipped but how can I be expected to believe anything now? I’d like to get my money refunded.

Hi Tony,

I am so sorry that you had a poor experience with us. I’ve contacted our support and they said they would refund you in full. Please let me know if you have further issues and we apologize for the inconvenience.

However, if you have a change of mind, or would like to give us another chance. I can personally follow up with you regarding your order and your machine including the accessories can be shipped out today. You can reach me here on the forum or through PM. Thank you.

Will close this thread. The problem has been resolved.