Snapmaker DID NOT complete my order!

I placed an order for a bunch of spare cnc bits, and ten new extruder assemblies. My order showed up quickly, but only included one of the extruder assemblies. I have tried multiple times to contact snapmaker customer support, but have heard NOTHING. That’s almost $100 in parts that I didn’t receive with my order. If anybody knows a way for me to get a hold of them please let me know, or forward this link to them. I am beyond upset, especially because I’ve been a loyal customer for years now. I have two of the 350s, and a bunch of the upgraded modules. But this little incident is irritating me so much. This post is just another effort to hopefully get this issue resolved. I need these new nozzles as soon as possible, as I need to swap them to make a delivery that is coming up, and I refuse to buy more, when I already paid for nine that I did not get… Please someone help me out.

Their tracking isn’t the best; it just means they didn’t have all the parts and it’ll get shipped when it does. They pop up on Amazon from time to time.

Thats what I was hoping, but the order “appears” to be complete when I check it in my order history.
Typically I would have a notice for a separate portion of that order, but this one does not.
That being said, being completely ignored by the customer service in absolutely mind blowing.
All I’m asking for is some communication here lol
I’ve never been one of those people who gets fired up in the hopes of getting free stuff either, I just want what I paid for already.

Yea, their tracking is usually just for a single box. The rest of it shows up; just on a different timeline with no tracking.

Their culture is pretty different from ours; once you realize that it’ll get here when it does and try not to think about it, you’ll be fine :D.

And always keep extra stuff around before you need it. Hot ends are impossible to find right now.