Snapmaker Sales Support Unresponsive

The lack of response and information from SM when you purchase something from them is ridiculous. The delays when they were a kickstarter was one thing, but they are no no longer a kickstarter. There are no other vendors that I deal with that are so poor at customer and sales support. Snapmaker has a good product and people want to give you money, but any purchase is automatically delayed and no information is given at all about the purchase. Purchase the new laser module, receive no information from sales or support unless you post a complaint on the forum. I had to wait 7 weeks until purchase was delivered. Purchase some material and cnc bits, the order ID email says to be shipped in 2-5 days from California, and 10 days later no information and no response from sales or support.

I want to throw money at this company because I like the product and purchase whatever items and add-ons they come up with - but the poor service after they get your money is a real deterrent. I don’t know if you need to hire more people to help with processing orders or responding to emails. but you need to pick up the slack.

Snapmaker - Get Better!

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Hi Michael,

Our sincere apologies for the lack of communication. We understand that customer service is one of our weaknesses and we are working hard to fix it. Our support and sales mailboxes were flooded with emails after we sent the laser coupon to users. Your email may be missed for some reason. Could you please tell me your email address so that we can locate and follow up your request?

Thank you for your support and feedback. We will keep improving our service.

Look forward to your reply.
Thank you!

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Rainie, it’s not that is a weakness when what happens is that it’s completely useless. I put a claim a week ago about a delayed order and you replied me back talking about a completely different order and not about what I bought.

@Rainie I was out of town for the past week. But today I received email feedback from Snapmaker regarding my purchase of cnc bits and material that was ordered on August 16th:

"Our apologies for sending this notification late . As the Blank Wood Squares you ordered is out of stock now, We are sorry that your order is still waiting for delivery. The estimated delivery date for your order is 7th September.
We really appreciate for your support and your patience, hope you can understand!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Team Snapmaker"

Why I appreciate finally getting some feedback here, I am still somewhat perplexed that it took two weeks for Snapmaker to let me know my order will be delivered late and the reasoning for it. Did i receive this only because of this post? Why can’t this information been shared immediately upon purchase? Even better, why can we not tell via the store that an item is out of stock? I purchase from other vendors’ online stores that are able to track the orders versus available stock, and it will actually show an item being out of stock. At least if this information was available, then customers could make somewhat informed decisions.


sorry for posting in this old topic but the forum won’t let me create a new topic (“You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”)…

I preordered a Snapmaker 2.0 on July 11 (payed with PayPal) but, unfortunately, have to cancel the order for several reasons. The shopping FAQ tells me there is a 30 day return policy and I should send an email to . I did so on July 12 and wrote another one on July 18 but haven’t heard back since. Has anyone else successfully canceled their order? What should I do to get the refund?


Hi yes i’m a unsatisfied customer, I ordered the A350 with enclosure and a bunch of stuff and it said it would be delivered in 3-5 business days. Its way past that and i’ve been trying to contact somebody,anybody from SM. It seems they put all there money in PR to push the product but didn’t care about the worry and headaches they would be inflicting on customers. You don’t take thousands of dollars from someone and not let them know whats going on. So im trying to cancel my order but im afraid tbhey will not even be able to do that right. So smart in designing but clueless in customer relations. I see Rainie is the onky one out there trying to put fires out. Hire more support you greedy pricks.

If you ordered your snapmaker a few days ago, then you should have seen, that the estimated delivery for your snapmaker is in November. Your additional goods will probably ship together with your snapmaker when it is your turn.


Hi caseycooper, sorry about your experience. Please send me a PM so that I can help you address your issue. Thank you!

'Not sure what a PM is but my number is 1808 425-2255 pacific standard time. i live in Hawaii

No problem. I have sent you a private message :+1:

Oh! There is a real problem with sales/support. Nobody answers to messages.

I made an order for SM 2.0, A350, my order was canceled by SM and the money was withdrawn.

I would say it is simple in my case. I don’t want the product just to give me my money back. The order was not canceled by me.

Hopefully, they will answer. :slight_smile: