The worst Customer Service I've ever experience I've ever had, from a company I really want to love

I ordered a single Snapmaker 2.0 in July 2019 that was supposed to be delivered by March of 2020. I still have not received it. Delivery was so late I had to change my shipping address. The last update I received promised my delivery in August. I have repeatedly tried to contact customer service and the experience has been a nightmare.

Contacted Snapmaker via service page on Sep 25, 2020, 8:31 GMT+8
My ORDER SM*********
Placed on July 27, 2019 02:31PM for a snapmaker 2.0 still has not been received. The last update I received promised my delivery in August.

I received this reply from Jannie Zhang (Snapmaker):
Hi Kimberly R–,
Thanks for contacting us.
Your order is high-risk on our website so we cannot ship your order.
Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past
Card Verification Value (CVV) isn’t available
The billing address or credit card’s address wasn’t available
Billing address ZIP or postal code isn’t available to match with credit card’s registered address
Can you explain these to your order?
We will ship your order asap after you confirm them.
If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.
Have a nice day.
Best regards

  1. The payment for this order was processed so clearly the CVV was submitted correctly. You have the money. You have had my money for over a year and failed to fulfill my order.
  2. If there was a problem with this order why was I not notified in any way? The payment has already been made, placing both the legal and ethical onus on you to deliver as promised and resolve any issues.
  3. My billing address, which matches my registered credit card address, including zip code, is clearly listed on my order when logging in to your website, so what is your problem? I have attached a copy of the order information from YOUR website that clearly reflects the status as PAID and the CORRECT billing information and shipping information.

I emailed “Jannie” the information she demanded, including a copy of the order form from your website reflecting that you already had all the correct information.

I received a reply from “Jannie” on September 28, 2020 promising “We have confirmed your order and we will ship your order this week as soon as possible. Please be patient and do not worry.”
She then sent me another email requesting I verify, again, my shipping address, which I did.
I never received any reply

On October 3, 2020, over a week after she promised my order would be shipped, I emailed “Jannie” again because my order was still unfulfilled.
I have received no communication from her or anyone else at Snapmaker.
I have tried, repeatedly, to call the customer service number and there is no answer.
On October 6, 2020, I emailed and because I don’t know what else to do. I have not received any response from anyone.


Sorry to hear about that. Well, turns out the staff have been on holiday because it’s a national holiday in China for like 1.5 weeks, supposed to be wrapping up today I understand.

How hard would it have been to put up an out of office message? Or sticky something in the forums? Or just reply with “we’ve received your message but will be with you next week”.

They chose the “alienate all customers by ghosting them for 2 straight weeks” option.

I hope @edwin @Rainie @staff will be responsive soon.


the more time passes the less I trust this company …


Hi @klrshadow, and welcome to the club.

As you’ve seen, many of us are extremely disappointed with the company’s support. Unfortunately, it seems to be the norm with “young Kickstarter-funded Chinese entrepreneur” style companies. They focus on building market share, but ignore the customers they have in search of the new ones.

I know it’s taking longer than you hoped, longer than you planned, and longer than they told you. I know they are asking the same questions, despite you sending them everything they ask for. I know it’s frustrating as all get-out.

Unfortunately, the sooner you accept that SnapMaker absolutely sucks at customer service, the sooner you can focus on the machine itself, which is really quite high quality, and the community, which actually is helpful.

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but if you can, try to breathe through it. This will get sorted out, you’ll get your machine, and you’ll find that it’s pretty darned good. The company will be frustrating at every turn, so frankly - ignore them, as much as you can. (Yes. I know you can’t ignore them right now. Just saying, once you get it, don’t count on them.)

The best thing we can do to improve things, I feel, is go to the places where SM is marketing themselves, where they’re promoting themselves, and alert the people who are considering buying one. Just tell them to come to the forums and look at the kind of service they’ll get, and THEN decide if they want to buy one.

If I had known they were going to basically ignore us, and that they were borderline incompetent (having to mail your order back to them to show them you already paid?! That’s ridiculous), we’d actually all be a lot happier. At least we’d know what to expect.


So with you there. Even if it’s just basic, honest communication like an out of office reply it would make me feel better to know I’m not just whining to nobody when I try to reach them. Right now I feel like I may as well yell my messages out the window to random passerby for all the good it does me.
Plus, I’d have the joy of terrifying and confusing complete strangers and reinforcing my crazy lady reputation…


Just out of curiosity, I’m wondering if staff ever got back to you via email. I’ve heard reports from some people that staff is responding via email and not on the forums. If not, maybe ping them again via email?

Its funny, I had a ticket in before the holiday. All that was left was for them to approve a new linear module sent. I have sent them a couple polite reminders since the holiday has ended but have gotten no response. Yet I see on here others, with linear rail problems, who claim to have submitted their tickets after me. Have gotten confirmation that they have replacement parts on the way…

It seems like they just help random people at random times with no rhyme, reason, or organization. Right now i feel like I will have a better chance of understanding women then SM support lol.

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:rofl: Good luck, not sure I understand either.


I’m not sure if how they handle requests is a problem.
On one of my requests they ended up combining it with a new one and when the older one was solved the newer one was also marked solved.
According to a FB post they’re training new support people and trying to get them up to speed. Hopefully it’s true and things will improve. I think they’re trying and will get there.

I don’t know if there is a shortage of certain parts and they’re stalling. I don’t have a problem if they are waiting for parts. Covid has made everything a mess. Just be honest and let us know. All that is just speculation on my part.

Personally I don’t have any experience that would make me distrust them. People are getting their machines. They’re waiting longer for support response than they should, but eventually their requests are being fulfilled.

Make sure you get an auto-response to any support request. If you don’t get a real response within 3-5 days send them a courteous inquiry as to the status of your request by replying to the auto-response email.



Yup and another curious email every 3 to 5 days after that if you still don’t here back.

Bazzinga. Yup. Same boat. Suposto ship and all inwant is a tracking #.

I manage a site and work and we auto email them out on orders. Its a wordpress plugin. Verry simple. Smh.

Got this email on Monday:
Jannie Zhang (Snapmaker)

Oct 12, 2020, 15:03 GMT+8

Hi Kimberly ————,

Thanks for contacting us. We are really sorry for the late reply as we were on the National Day holiday from Oct. 1st to Oct. 8th.

Due to the holiday, we can not ship your order. Please be patient and do not worry.

I have marked your order and we will ship it within 2-5 business days.
The tracking number will be available when it is offered by the carrier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.
Have a nice day.

Notice: We’re currently experiencing a high volume of messages, so it may take longer than normal (typically 1-2 business days) for us to respond. We are working as quickly as possible to get back to you.

Best regards

5 business days later, still unfulfilled…sigh
Will send my weekly email exercise today. No response to any other emails or the forums.


I received another email promising my order would be shipped “this week”…two weeks ago. This makes almost 3 months of “this week”s in which my order has been promised, over 8 months past the original delivery date, over a year after they took my money in exchange for this migraine. Shockingly, it still has not shipped. I emailed Snapmaker at the end of that week, since, naturally, order still not shipped…sigh.
Today I received an email from Snapmaker telling me they had closed my ticket because they hadn’t heard from me in seven days… my issue isn’t resolved, obviously, my order hasn’t shipped, I just haven’t had time in the last seven days to send them my 10,000th email. I am coming to truly hate snapmaker.
Irritatingly, in the last couple of weeks I’ve had three different people (who knew I was supposed to get a snapmaker in March) ask me if they should buy one for Christmas. Let’s just say this experience his led me to answer “heck no” and “run away, this company is horrible.”

Unfortunately along with their slow response they seem to have an automated system that closes support tickets with no activity after 7 days. (not always though for some reason).
Not that you should have to and that it isn’t annoying but do respond to the closed ticket (if you haven’t) When I did it stopped it from actually closing.


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