V4.4 Erases your work origin

Beware, installing the new v4.4 will erase your work origin. If you don’t reset it manually, it will crash your laser head (or probably other toolheads) into the table. Also, I had to force quit the software three times before I could get it to properly go to Home, and then report back properly to exit the “machine must go to home” popup.

How can i reproduce this?

Not sure what you mean. I installed the new software, then tried to run a job on the machine. The work origin that had previously been saved (I assumed in the machine itself) was no longer correct, and the laser head crashed into the bed while trying to go to the correct height.

It may same issue as @kinigit
I’m guessing you are using manual mode.
Luban does not clear the origin. The possible reason is that the coordinate system is not correct.
Camera Capture switches coordinate systems, which may start to be a problem if you’re using manual mode(Using manual mode requires you to confirm that the origin is correct before machining).
By the way, what are your machines and work heads?

I have the same issue. The 10w laser crash into bottom left corner.

I used the same configuration what I was using in the previous Luban version. So the 4.4 made my day with scratches on my 10w laser module

This is happening to me as well but with the extruder as well as the laser module. Seems to be either a connection issue (my 2.0 A350) or the code for new version software has a glitch. I keep trying to connect and after the third try, Luban sees all the accessories and all is right with the world. So I don’t use the machine until all the accessories are noted. Then I know it truly is connected.

Would like to know your usage steps, it will help us to troubleshoot the problem. Are you using a serial connection or a wifi connection. Is the mode used automatic or manual?

I’m using a wifi connection. I set the material height manually.

I used the same as @jbelsky. A350T.

I removed the Luban and re-installed. Then calibrated the Laser module. After that seems all ok.

@Deadcrime @jbelsky @Papote
After connecting the machine, is there a pop-up window that the machine cannot recognize the machine and the tool head needs to be manually confirmed?

No, not for me. As I said, it did have a lot of trouble homing, and I had to force quit and restart luban several times before it mananged to get through that process.

It isn’t just the 4.4 in my case. I lost the default work origin for the lasers, both 1.6w and 10w on two separate machines, an A350T and an F350 at around the same time in the life of the machines. I have not been able to use the lasers through Luban for some time. I can set the origin manually.

I had to roll back from 4.4 because it wouldn’t home the machines and lock up Lubans workspace. Having two machines with the same problems is telling.

We tried to fix this issue. Due to the path of some people, we could not reproduce it. So please help to confirm whether this problem has been fixed in this package. Thanks for your support, @Bushey @jbelsky @Deadcrime @Papote

If use “Start From Work Origin”.Since this mode does not set the origin, please confirm the origin first.

I just started having a similar issue. Using 4.4 with an A350, which was working fine. Today I started by selecting the .snplzr file vice starting the app then loading the work file. Upon connection the machine needed to go to home, which it did but the popup in Luban did not clear. Restarted both the machine and the app with same result.
Restarted the machine and Luban with the machine in the home position. Tried to capture the background but it stopped just over half way through (5 out of 9 pics sent over).
Started the app from the Luban icon and allowed it to continue the previous work. Got the same home error. Restarted with it in the home position and got the same background problem.
Started the app from the Luban icon and did not allow it to continue the previous work. Go home worked fine. Still had the background problem. Closed the background capture window, cleared the background and restarted the capture process. Worked fine. Running Windows 10 on an HP machine. Perhaps an endian error saving the file, or something getting corrupted when auto loading the design file.