Laser 10w z-axis keeps getting reset and I'm not sure why. When I start prints it rams into the aluminum

I think perhaps the answer to my question is in this thread (Work Origin changes after loading a gcode file) , but I can’t decipher what is happening. I have set the work origin, gone through the 10W setup (camera capture, material thickness, set-z).

This has been working for a few weeks, and I made a bajillion laser engraved ornaments and it was fine. I changed materials and cleaned the laser lens per the guide (it was kinda dirty) and now every time I start a job it goes directly into the aluminum. The only way I can get around this is to manually level using Luban and set Z every time. Even if I hit save - it seems to reset Z every time I choose something new to laser cut.

For example, I’m trying to laser out multiple rubber stamps and when I load in a new PNG it seems like z is reset. Do I need to run some macro every time I use luban or something??

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Hi pkillur, Luban v4.5 will be officially released within a week and you could try the new version then and see if the problem persists. :blush:

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