V2 3d print head noise

Hello, I have just install the new V2 print head. I was running a couple of calibration cube tests, when it started making a high pitch noise. Its appears to be coming from the print head. Power supply is the newer one, and no noise from that, the linear modules are also new, but have been working fine and quiet with the laser head. The link below is a video of the noise while printing. Any ideas?
Thanks for your time

Is the filament even moving at this point in the video? I was looking at it, and it doesn’t look like it was moving at all, which could indicate a jam. I’ve never heard it make that sound though.

My guess is more likely the component fan. (the one that cools the filament directly down again under the nozzle). Because this is a fast rotating noise, I would first ask Snapmaker and then open the side panels, either the fan is grinding somewhere, or the fan itself makes this noise which should not be the case after such a short time (possibly warranty).

However, could also be the filament cooler fan, but that would very quickly lead to the print head no longer conveys filament, because the filament would already start to melt in the upper heat sink and it comes to a blockage, so no more printing goes!

In my opinion, so one of the two fans is stuck, the plastic of the exhaust duct has bent by the heat of the nozzle or there is tension in the housing or the fan itself gives the noise.

Please check if there is any filament leaking at the red marked places, so that the exhaust ducts are not bent or the filament presses against the fan.
Before you continue printing and it comes to a larger damage!
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Yes was moving, printed the cube. Didn’t look like there was anything wrong with the print.

Checked red arrowed areas, and everything looks ok, support gave me a command to turn fan on. After about 45 minutes, no noise. So tried another print, and the noise came back. Below is the link to the noise starting, and other video is when I stop the print, which instantly stops the hi pitch noise, but you can still hear the cooling fan.

Any ideas?

So as I correctly guessed, it’s the filament cooler that cools down the filament as it exits the nozzle.
Either it is defective, or the fan runs out of round, hence the noise, if it is new I would ask the support if they can send them a new fan. Otherwise, open the left side cover after consultation with support (otherwise the warranty expires) and remove the fan or possibly you can also read what it is for a model. Get new replace and the noises are gone!

If you want to be sure that it is the fan I describe, you have the following option.
Start Luban, under material and then the parameter temperature you have the parameter fan speed, set this to 0 then the pressure should take place without noise, then set the fan to 100% and print again.

Unfortunately, printing without the fan is already possible, but unfortunately the filament is then not cooled when it comes out of the nozzle, which means you would have to print more slowly!

If you have an important print.

You can hear in the 2 video but clearly as the fan runs normally at 100% and then after a time begins to make noise, is a defect of the fan, there is nothing you can do so unfortunately!!!

Thank you for your input. I have contacted support, as the unit is new, and I’ve just installed it. See what snapmaker suggest.

Snapmaker are sending me a new filament fan to install. So just have to wait the ??? days (freight is crap) till it arrives down under.
Thanks for your help

Nothing thanks, happy to help if I can and know where the problem lies.

Hopefully you do not have to wait too long.

And still good luck with printing !

Could you please take a picture of the old fan, remove it and post it on the forum?
I need a sticker with the parameters, if any.

I am having the exact same problem exact same noise.

Sorry for a late reply. I wasn’t watching the thread. Attached it the fan that I got a replacement for. I have already installed the one Snapmaker sent me, and didn’t notice if it was the same brand.