More strange sounds


So, this machine seems to be rattling a lot, sometimes its worse than others and then it will clear up completely for awhile

I am unclear if this is just the extruder making super fast movements, but it almost feels like its dragging. Kind of like jittering

I have a couple videos here, but this is rather tame compared to what it was. I was afraid the nozzle was dragging and upped the z offset some, which did help but it still does it a bit.

The shaking seems to have jostled the print off of the raft towards the center and i am not sure this one’s gona make it to the end.

PETG is freaking hard too, unless its just cuz its the snapmaker brand, but I am having a REAL hard time with this stuff.

Not what you asked, but in my opinion at the start of your first video your print speed is insanely fast - way way way too fast. Slow that down to 50mm/s maximum, and most features like outer perimeters should be printed at half that speed (25mm/s). That speed you’re printing at will result in vibration, corner overshoot, poor layer adhesion, poor extrusion width consistency, linear advance problems, and all sorts of other issues.

I don’t know what to say about the Y axis vibration - staff has said both a) it’s a defect and contact support and also b) it’s normal due to the construction of the Y plate acting like a resonator. I think it sounds fine, and the stepper motors in the Y axis are causing the build plate to resonate making the sound.

I agree about the speed being too high, I’m just experimenting on the stringing problem with petg. I just chose cura’s “normal” setting after tinkering around with a bunch of other things.

It seems like the nozzle is riding on the spiral like a record or something, so i tried to move the z offset away further, but it seems like its leaving many high spots and stuff, so extruding in bizarre fashion

Yeah I went on the screen and turned the speed down to 50% and its just like a cotton candy machine now, this petg stuff is weird. I’ll probably change to a different spool next to see if its just the brand that sucks.

PETG is tricky. Play with your nozzle temp. The key is to get it just hot enough to flow but so it strings as little as possible.
I have found that it likes a lot more offset to start. So if I’m using .05 with PLA I’m probably going to be at .15 with PETG.
Using a skirt helps get things going and nozzle primed.
Occasionally the first layer will just fail and not stick or string. Try it again before changing settings. It’s just hit or miss sometimes.
Here’s the settings I’ve been using (Filamentone PETG Pro Select clear):

Sometimes I turn on z-hop depending on the model.
Some stringing you just have to put up with and use a lighter or heat gun to get rid of.

This info helped me: