Using Simplify3D instead of Luban

Is anybody using S3D instead of Luban for 3D printing? I added a new machine to S3D (RepRap x-320mm y-350mm z-320mm) and sliced a model. transferred the gcode to my new A350. I swear it prints quieter and the extra features in S3D (specifically the dense support) make removing the supports super easy.
I will slice a simple model and compare the GCode to see what the differences are.

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have been using S3D with both my SM1 and SM2. trying to fine tune a petg profile right now

Hey, using S3d is a good thing, but people who start with 3d printing are happy about the easy Luban solution.

I don´t think the machine is quieter because of a other gcode generator :wink:

I have using S3D with my previous printer but using Luban to wifi transfer. The prints are not as good as my Robo3D. I have played with Outline layer (2,3,4) overlap 15-20% top and bottom layers (4). The problem I see is that it doesn’t create a layer that overlaps the outline and fill. Any ideas? Can you transfer from S3D via wifi?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, noooooooo. Just kidding. The longer answer is there is an API that some people are working on understanding better - Luban does WiFi transfers a certain way and it’s possible someone may figure out how to get file transfers to easily work from other software. But it’s not done yet.

Regarding your other questions, I would need more details about what you’re doing. Sounds like you’re underextruding, general recommendation is calibrate esteps if you haven’t, check your extrusion multiplier with a calibration cube.

I have calibrated and the traces look really good except where they meet

with adjustment I can get it better but not much

I would suggest you to calibrate your extruder because you are underextruding,- the lines did not meet between.- Maybe you set your flow in S3D to less than 100%?

After figuring this out, i would suggest to calibrate your linear advance because your infill didn´t meet your outline.
Here is something to read:

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I used simplify3D and got a weird problem, after 25% of the job the printhead jumps and make a layer shift. Same model sliced in Luban, no problem. Also loading the S3D files seems to cause some problems, “loading to the touch screen” often result in nothing…