Using Laser with Luban

I have the original Snapmaker and am trying to use the laser module for the first time. I downloaded SnapMakerjs but it won’t connect to my Snapmaker. I downloaded Luban and it will connect.

My question is how to focus the laser? I don’t see a setting to do this?

Hey, i think there is some manual about “How to do with laser”.
You have to focus manually, which laserhead do you have? There are two possibilities.
The smaller laser could focused by screwing the wheel of the head, but it might be better to focus it through rising the correct height.- the dot has to be smallest.

Hope this helps!

Thanks xchrisd. I used the manual internal to Luban and it referenced a Focus button for the 200mw laser. I have the 1600, so I am not sure how to proceed. I also do not see a Focus button?

The original has to be manually focused. lower or upper the head with 1% of laserpower till the point is the smallest possible. There is a calibrationcard, the point should be smaller or as small as the point on the card.
Don´t forget to use the goggles! its about 2:25

You can check out our YouTube channel for guidence. Link is provided below.