No Focus button in Luban software

Cannot find the button “Focus” in the Luban software, so I cannot calibrate the laser for engraving.

In the Luban software, version 3.12.2 (, there is no Focus button in the “Laser” pane.
So, I cannot complete the steps to calibrate the laser, and therefore I cannot engrave.

What now?!?

Should I just not use Snapmaker Luban for engraving? Do I have to buy a third party software for this?

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 9.45.24 AM|690x445

On the “Laser” tab, I am missing this:

The manual, step 3:

  1. In the Laser section (bottom-left corner of the software), click Focus and the laser is ON using a very low power. You can see the laser dot on the platform/material.

There is no Focus button. So I am doing test engravings with an unfocused laser LOL. It is fuzzy.

Calibrate the laser from the touchscreen.

I will try that, thanks.

Hi albutch.

I could not find on the touchscreen any way to calibrate the laser.

I did end up turning it down to 6% and making the laser dot as small and sharp looking as possible, given my eyesight is crap LOL.

The new test print is going on right now, it looks better. Still a tiny bit fuzzy, but until I can figure out the best way to calibrate this laser, it will have to do.


Picture of before and after, same letters and size:

Looks like you’re getting on.

When on the main touchscreen page, if you swipe left you should see the calibration button.

Thanks, I have not yet tried swiping the controller screen. I did upgrade the firmware (2.9 to the latest) which should help with some issues, like the door sensor completely messing up the CNC mill unit’s Z axis position. It was happily cutting away at the air above the piece, after only cutting the first letter of my sample test. LOL. I do not like that you cannot access the settings pane unless the 3D printing unit is connected. Oh well.