Using CNC to create this profile

Hello all; I have a question relating to the CNC work on my SM1. The top image of the two below shows the channel that will be cut with a 180 degree endmill. Once I solve how to specify this channel correctly in Luban, I will be able to make such a channel between 3 & 5mm deep. I really want to create the channel in the lower image and probably not deeper than 3mm.

What parameters will I need to specify to create a channel with the profile in the lower image? I will also want to know how to tell the CNC carver that each end of the straight channel will need to see a gradual slope from the bottom of the channel to the surface of the material.

The idea is that each channel will serve as a temporary place for tiny parts (while some work is being carried out on a piece of machinery) so each of the channels must permit the small part to be stored in a logical sequence and then removed with finger pressure on the part. The material will be wood. I could try to design and print it with PLA but as yet I have not examined the use of the 3D printing abilities of SM1. I have no experience or skill with Fusion or similar applications.

Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you.

I would recommend using Fusion 360 :innocent:

For Luban you might be able to produce this using a greyscale relief image

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Thanks Stefan. By the way, the parts from Amazon, Germany have arrived so I should be able to think about designing my own wasterboard. I received 100 pieces of the screw with the internal M4 thread.

I have a new issue to consider. The wood I have received (1200 x 40 x 40 cubes) has shown a reluctance to engraved via the laser. I have messed around with the power %, feed rate and density. The case is that where the has certain features like annular rings, the pine wood material is too hard for the laser beam to penetrate.

Rather than waste the wood, I have decided to carve it. The issue with my jig was that there were no clamping options available. I have just ordered a surface clamping system that I can add to a jig. It will grip the cubes from both sides. More images and explanations when they become available. The clamp has an off center 20mm hole around which it revolves while attached to a 20mm diameter steel dowel .

Thanks for pointing me towards Fusion. I have enough to do without learning some new and complex software application. I will see what can be achieved using other methods.