CNC Router Question

Hi guys,
Totally new here, and trying to work out the capabilities of the machine.
I have the AT350. So far had quite a few good prints, and serving a purpose for work.
What I’d like to know, I’ve drawn up two halves of a steering wheel. The outside diameter is 260mm, they have a flat bottom.
It’s about 13mm high, and 26mm in it’s width.
If i were to cut most of the outside diameter, and inside, would the CNC module if programmed correctly be able to cut/carve this out?

What material?


Would be in timber…
I was looking at something like pine

I have attached a drawing of what I’m trying to create. So it’s a complete circle with dimensions. Was hoping to use the SM2.0 to cut out of pine or similar.
Just wondering if this would be possible

steering wheel

It’s very possible.

I wouldn’t attempt in Luban. Need to use Fusion 360 for your toolpaths.

For a larger object like that you’ll probably want to first make sure you’re trammed properly and then surface the spoil board (or a sacrificial piece) to make it flat.

With pine you can probably go a little faster and deeper. With hardwoods you usually need to keep step-down at .5mm but with pine you can probably go up to 1mm. Speeds somewhere between 600-1000. You’ll have to watch and listen to see if it’s straining or chattering.

Be aware that if you’re trying to cut out an inner or outer contour, 13mm depth is pushing it as far as depth of cut with the bit contacting two sides. You probably won’t have a problem with that in this design since you’ll probably be using a flat end for the main clearing and then a ball end for the final finish. Your cut depth against any two edges will only be 1mm at most. When you are doing deep contours or grooves the workaround is to do the first half of the cut, 7-8mm or so, with a large enough ‘tool outside boundary’ or ‘stock to leave’, so that it does two passes that leave a wider gap. That way when you do the bottom 6mm or so the bit is only making contact at the upper part on one side .

Lastly, make sure you use tabs (either in tool path settings, or create them as part of design) so that the piece doesn’t move once you cut all the way through.


Thanks mate!
We’ve been doing them on a hand router, but since we had the machine, thought I’d wonder if it could be done.
I have someone slightly more proficient working on the drawing in Fusion. I’ve created the file to print said wheel, but couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get the milling/routing side to work.

More playing and learning ahead!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Probably a lot faster on the hand router.

I think using the SM2 to make a guide/template for the router would be your best bet.
But that depends on what you’re trying to do.

Here are a couple topics that might help:


You’re a legend, thanks dude!
The hand router would certainly be better. It’s just something I want to do learn Fusion better, but also see what the machine can do.
The project we’re working on is a kids pedal car, so figured if I can do the drawing, show it works on SM2.0, someone may have a bigger cnc router and can use the program.
Or an SM2.0 if they don’t want to use their hand router.