Profiles for CNC and Laser

The 3D printing workspace in Luban, while basic is quite good. I understand the suite is intended to be simple I think that a few minor user experience additions would make using the Laser and CNC portions of the software much more enjoyable for users of all experience levels.
The first thing I think needs to be added is a “Profile” selection, similar to the material / detail profiles for the 3D printing section.
It wouldn’t have to be complicated, just some buttons to allow me to save/edit/delete the settings I have just modified as a “profile” and a dropdown box to allow me to select any of those previously created profiles.

For example, I might cut and engrave 5mm plywood using vectors on a regular basis and have refined the settings I use for these 2 jobs. Rather than me having to change a whole lot of settings every time I import a file, I could make a profile for cutting and a profile for engraving and select them whenever I want.


Thanks for your feedback. We are thinking about the same thing. Currently the configurations are hardcoded, it’s not too easy to maintain as long as we have more than one laser head. We planned to rework on this around April, to split configurations as separate config files which can be duplicated, edit, delete, maybe export/import.

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