Using CNC for 3d Objects

Is there a way that with luban one can CNC a 3d object. I have a decor which is in 3d and i need to cnc it. What I have found for is just carving for 2d objects. whilst I know that I have seen others and adverts doing 3d scenery example.

The cnc function in Luban does not let you load the Gcode or an STL file but rather just a 2d image. On the other hand if I load the gcode directly to the workspace it generates lots of movement to the boundary when this is not needed.

Can someone help on the issue please?

I can send the files i need to generate for those who can help me

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You can use Fusion 360

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I did use it and followed every step in there…

In the rar folder attached one could find the stl file I have and the result of the nc code generated from fusion. Then I am also attaching an image of how this is being displayed on luban. As said when I did a boundary check of the code, it went all on the outside of the blue image attached.

IssueWithGcode.rar (3.1 MB)

i will create it for you,
you must choose the 3D option in Fusion and not the 2D like in the description.
and you will need to install the Postprozessor from Snapmaker.
it calculates the paht in several minutes, with a stepp down of 0.3 mm and a 2mm ball end mill.
but it’s still working…
i will post it at today noon.


Thanks @Bilzer. Though this is one of many that I may have. Is there a tutorial or something that would highlight what I did wrong so that I understand better what I did wrong.

As to Fusion I know I chose the 3d Function and in Fusion it was generated correctly. But things went haywire when I transferred the nc code to Luban and generated the Gcode there that created a mess.

How long did calculate fusion for your nc?

My path is now running over 2 hours.

In Fusion thye least time I got was about 40hrs. So I think that I am making some wrong settings though.

wow :astonished: i hope i’ve not so long.
i’m now on 23% after 2h and 30min.

have you tried to transfer it to luban to the path that would be generated? Also if you have some recommended settings, I would appreciate to know about them… This is my first time trying to do something like that

I’ve tried your path and i think it’s an setting false in fusion not in luban.
My first try in fusion i start at midnight and it stocks on 42.2% this mornig.
now i start it again with other settings and still wait for it.

Did you installed the postprozessor or Configuration Files for Fusion 360?

I also a newbie in 3D milling on SM2, but i made some 2D parts like windows for my Modeltruck.
And in my old workingplace we had a lot of CNC milling machines, so i can ask my old work colleagues for the settings.

Configuration file for Snapmaker ball end bit. Post processor no. But I did a simulation from fusion and there is were I noticed the time elapsed and what was doing. From what I saw there that was right.

Yes but it gives different G-codes for different machines.
it’s like the language of the machine, but the path will be the same.

so you must download the Configuration Files for Fusion 360 on the SnapMaker download site and install it on the right registry.

and which one is best to use as there are multiple from what I found for fusion…

here a video to how install it.

You must download this:

On Mac it’s different to install!

Here the manual for both installations:

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I did that process and now I remember that when I did the post process the attached is the result I got. And I could not find any solution for it. That’s why I went to generate the code from Setup > Generate NC Code and now i am realising that I might messed up right there


@Bilzer @Melanchrom - Thanks for your help caue I manged. It seems that I was selecting the wrong post configuration… This should be Generic snapmaker rather than the first one…

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Yes you find it out right.

Now we must find the right milling settings in Fusion, so that works smoothly on SM2.

I think stepp down and stepp side on 0.3mm will be ok.

Here’s a nice tool from a german company for calculating cnc parameters:

@Melanchrom it seems to begreat. pity all is in german

one in english:

By spindel speed : 12’000 RPM and a Diameter from 3mm, it gives a cutingspeed: 100m/min.

That are ca. 1600mm/s

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