“Luban is not able to slice and generate a gcode for my STL’s. It totally closes unexpectedly or gets stuck. Trying to figure it out.” This is specifically in the CNC mode. I am totally frustrated and cant get moving on any wood carvings. HELP!!!

Shouting (using a big font and everything in bold) won’t help you get any answers. Not giving any details on what you actually are trying to do won’t help either getting any useable answers.

Know that Luban is extremely limited when it comes to cnc and most people use Fusion360 or an alternative. Have a look at this topic which contains a lot of useful info: Some info on cnc tool changes and combo cnc/laser projects

Then come back with an actual explanation of your problem and someone might be able to help you.

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I just got my snapmaker. I would really love to do 3D carving/ relief. However I can’t. I was told to download Luban and MeshMixer. Well . they don’t actually talk to one another. I need to convert STL files into G-code. then figure out how to make Luban actually read it. If another program will work with snapmaker I am all for it. We have the vector figured out… but the relief is giving me fits. 3D printing we are pretty sure we have working… it’s just the CNC relief. Any ideas would be appreciated.

you either need a height map image (only gray values from white to black) or you need to create your gcode in a different cam software (for example fusion 360 free for hobby users)