Use of Laser Module AND Heated Bed

Hello everyone
I own a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 and I’ve been using it with the laser setup, so with the Laser Module as Toolhead and with the Laser Engraving/Cutting Platform.
Now I wanted to test something by keep using the Laser Module, but with the Heated Bed instead of the Laser Engraving/Cutting Platform, since I want to control the Bed temperature while being able to use the laser at the same time.
The problem that arised is that the Heated Bed won’t be seen as plugged in by the Snapmaker if I use the Laser Module as Toolhead, but only if I use the 3D Printing Module.
So I was wondering if anyone knows a way to use together the Laser Module and the Heated Bed.

You would need to modify firmware.

Do you happen to know if there already is a modified firmware version with something like that?

While the machine and Luban might not show it, the physical connection is still there. You MAY be able to turn it on manually. In the Luban console, try typing M140 S60 give it a minute or two, then feel if it’s warming up. Be careful of the hot surface. I doubt you’ll get any confirmation of the current temp, so if it works you can put M190 S60 (or whatever temp, S is the setting in celcius). This will make the machine wait to reach the input temp. You can put M190 in the header, then M140 S0 in the footer to turn it off.

Thank you for the advice, I also thought about that and unfortunately it doesn’t work, it seems like the physical connection is “virtually unplugged” in a way such that the software can’t control the Heated Bed in any manner.

Only other thing might be to make a gcode file with just the heatbed command so the controller runs it directly instead of going through the touchscreen. Similar to using a USB to do it.

I didn’t think about that, but it doesn’t work either…
Maybe at this point the only solution is to modify the firmware to let the machine recognize the Heated Bed even if the Toolhead is the Laser Module.
Thank you for your time.