3D printer module connection problems

Hi, we just got Snapmaker Original. It works ok for laser engraving but we can’t get it to 3D print. When trying to print from USB drive it sees the file and heats up to desired temperature but nothing happens.
When using cable connection, after hitting start on Luban it heats up to but goes to line 42 of code and gets stuck there. On the left handside where the command box is, it shows W= and different numbers:

Thanks for your help!

I just rendered something in Luban to see what the initial GCode looks like. Line 42 in my file is M140 S70. That tells the Snapmaker to start heating the bed up to 70C.

The bed does take a while to heat up. When the print starts, the controller should show the bed temp is (room temp) / 0º. Once the M140 command is executed, the controller should change to show the bed temp is (room temp) / 70º. After a few seconds, you should see the bed temp start to go up from room temperature.

If the bed temp shows 0º / 0º instead of room temp, you probably don’t have the bed plugged in correctly. Double check that cable is plugged in correctly.

Line 41 is M104 S215, which tells the print head to start heating the nozzle up to 215C. It should have the same behaviour, showing the current room temperature. If it shows as 0º / 0º or 0º / 215º, then it’s not talking to the controller correctly too.

The print head is much smaller, so it will usually make it up to temp before the bed does. Future lines (47-48, M109 S215 and M190 S70) tell the controller to wait until the print head and bed reach the designated temperature. But if you’re not making it past line 42, the controller probably isn’t talking to the bed.

Please verify that your line 42 is the same as mine. Different versions of Luban can produce different GCode.

Thank you Clewis. We will try that today!