Hello Newbie and son here! How do we learn to code for gcode and luban?

Hi, I have a sm 2.0 a350 for my son and i to learn to use together. Thing is though I’m a us navy machinist I have very limited cnc experience and no clue how to write gcode or program in Luban. Where can I go to actually learn how to program my sm myself instead of depending on files i dig up online?

A shortcut is to get a free version of Autodesk Fusion 360 and watch Youtube.

thanks… been binge watching youtube vids but to be honest kinda lose my confidence a bit when i go to apply the “knowledge” to real world applications… mostly when using the laser which we just installed. When running the setup stuff it cuts the square perfectly but so far has failed to engrave the calibration lines even once and the machine fails to pic out its best setting automatically and asks me to pick the line i felt was best… Also, probably the dumbest question you’ve been asked tonight… Can i mount the laser base plates to the 3d printing heated base plate or will i damage either the laser or the heated baseplate if i do?

There are many solutions in this forum.
First, try doing a keyword search in the forum’s search function.
Lasers come up especially often.

Thanks to @Blockmodule

Here is an article for your reference:


It is not impossible to use the laser by placing the plate for the laser on top of the heat bed for the 3D printer, but since the height changes, the laser module will contact the bed if the height is not changed.

The first thing to do is to process the part using the settings specified by the manufacturer.
Once you understand the logic of the machine operation, you can try out various methods.

However, if you change the height, it may lead to an unexpected accident if you do not indicate the height.

You are not the only one who has trouble with laser calibration.
There are many questions and answers in this forum.
Snapmaker is not really aware of this large number of the same questions that they need to fix.
The reason for this is that they don’t have a complete response for the solution.

The first thing the manufacturer should do is to quickly review the laser calibration method and make sure it works correctly by default.

Please fix the existing problems rather than new products.
How many months do you leave a pile of problem definitions on GitHub?

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If the laser module cannot emit light or the light is weak, please refer to this article.


thanks Edwin…cheers!

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